Premium Open-Back Headphones: AKG K812, Sennheiser HD 800, Ultrasone Edition 12, and Beyerdynamic T1


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When it comes time to choose a pair of high end headphones, it becomes important to find the proper gear for the right application. There are numerous high end headphones out there, but to really make them perform at their best, some headphones might need to be used with a headphone amp. We recently decided to add some top of the line open-back audiophile-quality reference headphones to our comparison library. With both open back headphones and closed back headphones offered in this category, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Take a look at our premium open-back headphones comparison video and let us know what you think. Up for auditioning this time are the AKG K812, Sennheiser HD 800, Ultrasone Edition 12, and the Beyerdynamic T1 headphones.

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AKG K812

AKG K812 Pro | Sonic SenseThis year AKG released their newest pair of headphones, the AKG K812 reference headphones. The transducer is entirely re-designed, and is also larger than any other pair of AKG headphones. This makes for a large dynamic range with plenty of headroom. In addition to this larger driver, a 1.5 Tesla magnet system creates an incredibly accurate stereo image when listening. Every part on the K812 is replaceable, so these headphones will last while still making future repairs easy.


Sennheiser HD 800

Sennheiser HD800 | Sonic SenseWith both microphones and headphones as staples in the music industry, Sennheiser headphones also features some high end models in the classic HD line, the Sennheiser HD 800. Fully designed and built at the Sennheiser headquarters in Germany, these headphones are designed to sound as good as they look. With slightly angled transducers and large ear cups that seal properly around your ears, the HD 800’s produce a wide and deep stereo image. Quality materials and a quality design make these headphones great for enjoying music on your own time.


Ultrasone Edition 12

Ultrasone Edition 12 | Sonic SenseThe Ultrasone Edition 12 features a rugged design all the way down to the connector and cabling. Equipped with hand-picked gold-plated transducers, these headphones produce an impressive soundscape with a balanced frequency response. Even with the rugged design these headphones are comfortable to wear. They don’t fatigue your ears and they are easily worn for long periods of time.

Beyerdynamic T1

Beyerdynamic T1 | Sonic SenseWe also added in Beyerdynamic’s classic T1 headphones to this comparison. The T1 headphones feature premium transducers that help provide a louder volume than traditional headphone transducers. This increased efficiency allows for a more dynamic, clear, and undistorted sound. The T1’s also have an extremely rugged design that is still incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The velour earpads and leather headband makes the Beyerdynamic T1 headphones a high quality headphone with sound that matches the build quality.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think. These headphones are all high-end audio reference headphones and they may need to be paired with the proper headphone amp. For an outline of what headphone impedance means to your listening experience, we’ve created a helpful article. Check out our website for our premium headphone packages that include a DAC or headphone amp along with a pair of premium headphones online.


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  • Christian Ulbolle

    The small Amsterdam based boutique label Sound Liaison has used the Sennheiser HD800 to mix one of their best sounding albums, the AFTER SILENCE album from master of the trumpet Andre Heuvelman. The 24/96khz studio master file is a must have if you are the owner of a HD800. Here is a you tube link for an impression of what can be achieved these stunning headphones;